Stampu 新生!

🌿 New Beginnings 心機一転 Stampus 🌿

Wisps of Spring
Every Day is Brand New Day
She is Spring
Fated Encounter
ETHEREUMBlock #10000000 - Apr 08 2023

To: Anon

Welcome to Stampu (◕ᗜ◕) ◕‿↼


From: Team Stampu

Enclosed: 1 eth

With Stampus, you can

  • Send messages to your frens
  • Collect Stampu NFT artworks created by iconic artists
  • Send invitations for a new product launch & events
  • Whitelist addresses for various access
  • Gift your communities with a meaningful message
  • and much more!

Why Stampu?

If you’ve been in the crypto space for longer than a day, you’ll quickly discover how difficult it is to navigate without getting help from others. Whether through reading Twitter posts, asking a community member on Discord, or DMing a popular shitpost account on Twitter, everyone starts somewhere.

What sets us apart is everyone is willing to help, and even the seasoned sometimes need help. It’s a culture of not just “making it”, but making it together. Aka WAGMI.

This was the motivation for Stampu. To provide a way for everyone - whether you’re an individual, a DAO, or even an institution/VC - to express gratitude and appreciation to those that have helped or accompanied you on this journey.

We see this platform as a fun, memorable way to send messages along with NFTs and (optionally) ETH to show appreciation to close friends and family, valuable members of our communities, partners, and sometimes, to just poke fun at each other.