Gibbing Back

Stampu Gibs Back! πŸ₯° In December 2021, Stampu, in collaboration with generous artists who donated their artworks, organized a charity drop where 100% of the proceeds were donated to good causes (as well as 100% of the future secondary royalties from that collection).
There will be more charity drops in the future! πŸͺ„

Total Donated

73.29 ETH

Participating Artists

2021 Holiday Magic

Reuben WuGMUNKslimesundaySeerLightSix N. FiveFilip HodasDeeKay KwonArchan Nair


DateCause / OrganizationAmount (ETH)Tx
2021-12-18Malala Fund23.33
2021-12-18The Giving Block - Education23.33
2022-02-27Ukraine Government πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦3.3