Spring Artists

Migrating Lines

Migrating Lines avatar

Migrating Lines comes from the idea of migrating into different dimensions, fields and mediums through his creations. His work merges storytelling and interaction, centering around his original character Dino, a young kid who journeys into a magical world and creates portals to share those worlds with others.

The Rusted Pixel

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TheRustedPixel is a self-taught, Irish 3D artist who loves to create charming worlds brimming with life and color. He has worked with many renowned brands such as Adobe, Google, Disney, American Express and more to help them with their campaigns.


Kaejunni avatar

Kaejunni is a prolific digital artist with highly sought after 1 of 1 pieces, the acclaimed Capsule House Collection, and the much anticipated Fish Bone Guild collection coming out soon.


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RaccoonNook is a New York-based, illustrator, designer and director. Specializing in storytelling and problem solving through Film and Animation. Currently working at Brand New School as an associate creative director


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Rubahitam (Rifqi Ardiansyah) is a freelance motion designer, 2d animator & 3D artist based in Indonesia. He loves to mix 2d illustration with 3d environment. He loves retro-computers, room setups, workspaces, devices, tech, and anything related.